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His main contribution and achievement to and for the scientific community

"In 1999 he conclusively established that in conditions like Alzeihmer 's disease there is phosphorylation related folding problem of proteins.This is responsible for cognitive and other defects.Similar situation exists under severe undernutrition during brain growth spurt period and similar mechanism involving protein phosphorylation may be involved here also. This discovery of Professor Raj Shankar has influenced Alzeimer 's research for years to come. 

In 2000 along with his student Kalyan Goswami , he showed that sites in proteins damaged due to free radicals can be accurately determined by carbonylation studies and could have been developed as an accurate method to denote relation between chronological age and biological age after free radical induced damage.( Goswami , B . D. Bhatia , Raj Shankar 2000) 


Ph.D Biochemistry The University of British Columbia, Vancouver,CANADA (1971) 
He worked as Professor & Head of Department of Biochemistry at Institute Of Medical Sciences 
( IMS ) , Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh , INDIA


    (a)1970-71 (Undergraduate) Teaching Asstt in Deptartment Of Biochemistry Faculty Of Medicine , University Of British Columbia ( UBC ) , Vancouver , Canada. 
    (b)1971-80 (Undergraduate & Post Graduate) Lecturer in Biochemistry,Department of Biochemistry , Institute Of Medical Sciences ( IMS ) , Banaras Hindu University ( BHU ) Varanasi 221005 India 
    (c)1980-1990 (Undergraduate and Post Graduate) Reader In Biochemistry , Department Of Biochemistry , Institute Of Medical Sciences ( IMS ) ,Banaras Hindu University ( BHU ) Varanasi 221005 India 
    (d)1990-August 2000-- Professor In Biochemistry , Institute Of Medical Sciences ( IMS ) Banaras Hindu University ( BHU ) , Varanasi-221005,India 
    (i)Resaerch Experience : About 34 Years 
    (a) 1966-67 Worked at Deptartment Of Biochemistry , V . P Chest Institute , University Of Delhi on " LIPID METABOLISM IN MYCOBACTERIA ". 
    (b) 1967-71 Worked at the University Of British Columbia , Vancouver Canada on " CENTRAL METABOLISM DURING ANOXIA AND EFFECT OF SOME NEUROTROPIC DRUGS " under Prof. Juda Hirsch Quastel , F.R.S , F.R.S.C 
    (c)1971-August 2000 Worked and guided independent research work in NeuroBiochemistry , Nutritional Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry at the Instiute Of Medical Sciences ( IMS ) , Banaras Hindu University ( BHU ) , Varanasi 221005 India 
    Main Research Areas 
    1.General Neuro Biochemistry
    2.Biochemistry Of Undernutrition and Brain Development
    3.Nutritional Biochemistry
    4.Clinical Biochemistry
    Publications (Papers) : 84 
    Research Papers : More than 60 
    Abstracts of various conferences :23 


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